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Which Social Media Sites Should You Market Your Business On In 2018?

There are more social media sites than ever in 2018…

This does not mean that you should automatically market your business on all of them. On the contrary, if you choose the platforms that you market to wisely, you can get more traction than you would if you spread yourself too thin trying to market to everyone on every platform.

The secret to social media marketing is precision. Different platforms naturally attract different demographics.

Different platforms also attract the same demographics for different reasons. For instance, people who like pictures go to Instagram and Pinterest.
However, Instagram is more of a casual site while Pinterest is for people who are looking for professional artist types.

You need to know what kind of people you want to attract to your business, and then you need to match that audience to the audience that social media sites attract.

So How Do You Find The Right People For Your Online Business?

You can start by looking at the statistics that showcase the demographics for each social media platform. Match your demographic to the ones that the platform naturally attracts. This will become your shortlist. From this shortlist, you will narrow down your preferred platforms to the ones that will really bring you profitable marketing exposure.

Although you should do your own research into each platform, let’s take a look at the general feel of the majors.


Facebook has 1.5 billion people, and it is the best site to market on if you are looking for a wide net audience. Facebook has one of the best search algorithms of any social media platform on the Web, so you can target your audience fairly precisely. Keep in mind that certain industries do better on Facebook than others – consumer products tend to outperform real estate, for example.


Twitter attracts a younger audience, but there is still a contingent of people who are aged up to their mid 30s who are still active on the platform. Twitter is a great platform for getting together quick fix marketing programs that you can branch out to other platforms. You will see what works quickly so that you do not have to spend time hitting your head against the wall over and over again.


This is perhaps the largest growing segment of any social media platform. If you are looking to sell to a Millennial crowd or to Generation Z, this is the platform to be on. They were bought by Facebook, so you gain the advantage of a great internal search engine. Learn how to use hashtags, and you will do well if your industry is one that works on the platform. Again, consumer products work more than big ticket items.


YouTube is fast gaining an audience of older people. This is where your big ticket items will work, because you can market with longer videos. People here are more patient, much older and usually have more money than the average person who is on the Internet in general. Use this to your advantage.